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If you have ever been bullied or made feel like you weren’t good enough just know you’re a survivor because you are the one that didn’t give up! Let’s support each other through the highs and lows because you are built for something greater than you know ❤️

You are Yourself future-self past-self

Where ever u are in your life it’s all you!
Keep fueling your passions with all the elements that connect you to the things that heal and make your heart happy! Life happens and you create it ❤️ #Jedward

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It’s always nice to reflect on moments and life experiences!

Sometimes when you are in the moment you don’t have time to fully take in everything! Feel your feelings and continue to be yourself!!
The struggle and hustle makes the success more rewarding! Keep the passion alive…

We all want to be seen and heard We all want to LEAVE A MARK ON THIS WORLD

We all bring something to this world! We all have so much talent and creativity and we have to find it within ourselves to show everyone and express our outlook on life! No one is the same and everyone comes from a different way of life it’s about you expressing your creative side and finding your happiness! Have no regrets and just go for it! You don’t need validation from others as long as your happy and living the life you always wanted reach for your goals in life! Keep moving forward no matter what life throws in your way or how many people put you down and don’t believe in your vision the key to finding the way is to never give up!
Remember it’s your thoughts and your heart full of awesomeness that’s gonna wake you up every morning! There is as much lows as highs! The tears will come and fall but the smiles and laughter will out shine it all! Fuck yeah Believe in You and just know that you are JEPIC!

Let’s keep the fire burning🕯always for the one and only George Michael who represented freedom🕊

You gave it your all and did all you could do to change the world 🌍 Thanks for painting your own vision with the colours in your heart 🌈 which illuminated positivity. You had gold radiating through your skin  and your energy took everybody to another stratosphere. Cheers to you for leaving your mark on the World! 🙏🏻 We salute you George.
Merry Christmas Everyone 🎶 So before your days are numbered, laugh out loud, do the right thing, stand tall and proud. When all is said and done, you can look back on your life with teardrops of joy knowing you did all you Could 🎶

Love ❤️

Eddie Bieber

Thinking of You! 💙

James Bond

THE ICONIC HAIR that inspired a generation


London London


Selfie time ✌🏻️


Blue Blue



Original forever and always is the forever and always to Happiness! Don’t ever lose your spark be Luminous

We Love You

All Time Classic. Love Jedward

🎅🏼 He’s making a list and checking it twice he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice Santa Claus is coming to town! 🎅🏼

🎄🎅🏼 On The 10th Day of #Jedmas we gave you a Teddy Bear Christmas Tree! Happy Paw Paw high 5 to everyone 🐾

Christmas time!

Meow! The 8th Day of #Jedmas! 😝😜

Let your days be full of Awesomeness and Cool things! #Jedmas 17 days to Christmas! Peace Jedward